Why Join LASAM?
The growth of the animal sciences and increased needs for human resources for experimental animals makes communication, networking, and staying informed imperative. 
LASAM membership benefits include: 
  • Discount on registration fee for the annual meeting and regular workshops
  • Notification of meetings and events related to laboratory animals
  • Career development through education and training
  • Free newsletter subscription with topical news, comment and feature articles about LASAM activities and the world of laboratory animal science
  • The opportunity to exchange views and information with other experts in the field of laboratory animal science
  • Access to useful resources and network connection.  
  • Voting rights (except Corporate and Affiliate Members)
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Membership Odinary Associate Corporate Student Life Member
Registration Fee RM25.00 RM25.00 RM250.00 RM15.00 RM25.00
Annual Subscription RM40.00 RM40.00 RM500.00 RM20.00 RM500.00*

*RM 500.00 once only

Ordinary membership
Open to all Malaysian citizens working in or associated with the field of Laboratory Animals Science
Associate membership
Open to all personnel and post-graduate students interested in or associated with the field of Laboratory Animal Science and be at least 18 years of age.
Student Membership is available to individuals enrolled in full-time or part-time under-graduate study in a field relevant to the Objects of the Association. 
Corporate membership
Corporate membership shall be open to such companies registered under the Companies Act, University Departments, Research Institutions and other organizations which, being associated with the breeding, care and study of laboratory animals, are approved from time to time by the Executive Committee. A Corporate member in good standing shall be entitled to name 3 representatives and shall be entitled to receive such benefits as may be formulated in the Rules of the Association for the time being in force, but always without the right to vote in the conduct of the affairs of the Association.
Honorary membership
May be conferred on persons who have rendered meritorious service in the field of Laboratory Animal Science in Malaysia.
Student membership
Shall be open to all undergraduate students who are pursuing a degree in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery as well as related science subjects and such membership ceases on termination or completion of their studies.
Life membership
Open to all ordinary members working with Laboratory Animals or who have an interest or are related to animal research.
New Member Login Procedures 
LASAM now has a new data management system to serve you better. Click on “Login” at the top of the LASAM homepage to activate and update your member profile. For more information, contact