Workshop on Pain Assessment and Management in Mice and Rats
10 Jul 2019 to 11 Jul 2019
Pusat Kembangan UKM, Jalan Termelor
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Pain adversely impacts the welfare of animals. Pain, if not controlled, is a variable in research. Evidence suggests that pain and suffering can alter an animal’s behavior, physiology, and immunology, leading to variation in experimental results that impair both the reliability and repeatability of studies. Efforts must be made to minimize the pain or distress experienced by laboratory animals. This is both ethically important, and important for the outcomes of the research. Reducing the suffering and distress experienced by laboratory animals can increase the reliability and validity of experimental results.
One of the more important responsibilities in the use of animals for biomedical research is to recognize signs associated with pain. This can be difficult because of differences between and within species in the behavioural response to noxious stimuli. The objective of this workshop is to share information on the physiology of pain, behavioral signs of pain as well as ways to manage pain in mice and rats.
Who should attend
Researchers, scientist, veterinarians, lecturers, animal technicians, and postgraduate students
The workshop is limited to 50 participants only.
Registration and fee

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