Workshop On The Care And Use Of Laboratory Rodents And Rabbits In Research
20 Aug 2013 to 22 Aug 2013
Pusat Kembangan Pendidikan UKM
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Animal studies are conducted to give a better understanding of the pathogenesis, efficacy and complications they are likely to be encoun-tered in humans. Bridging the data obtained from in vivo studies to be extrapolated to hu-mans, these animals serve as the biological sys-tem to test new compounds, procedures and physiological phenomena. With growing concerns for the ethical use of these animals in research, many countries have made it mandatory for all researchers to be proficient in the sciences of these animals which include the proper management and handling, before being allowed to use them in their studies. This is in line with extensive evidence from var-ious studies which has shown that stress result-ing from improper management, han-dling and manipulations will result in skewed and irreproducible data. Not only is this a waste in terms of resources such as mon-ey and time but results in the unnecessary sac-rifice of animals. Thus the objective of this workshop is to disseminate knowledge and information on basic biology, management practices as well as welfare issues encountered in the use of laboratory animals to ensure its proper use.
Who Should Attend
The workshop is targeted for young scientists, researchers, and students currently working with laboratory rodents and rabbits. The work-shop however is limited to 30 participants.
Registration Fee
The workshop registration fee is RM 500 (RM400 for LASAM member)
It can either be paid by cash or Money Order/Postal Order/ Cheque/ LO made payable to “Bendahari Universiti Putra Malaysia”.Kindly bring the cash or Money Order/Postal Order/Cheque/LO to the Workshop on the day of registration.
Registration is Close.