Introduction Animal studies are conducted to give a better understanding of the pathogenesis, efficacy and complications they are likely to be... +more
09 Mar 2016
  RAISE workshop emphasize on the accuracy in delivery substances from anaesthetic drugs, viable materials to immunologic dye for tracing... +more
20 Oct 2015 to 21 Oct 2015
  Zebrafish is gaining prominence as an important vertebrate model for investigating various human diseases such as neurodegenerative disease... +more
11 Nov 2015 to 12 Nov 2015
Cancer Research Malaysia, USJ Laboratory
Introduction The National Laboratory Animal Center will organize a 2-day short course on Laboratory Swine and Rabbit Care and Use, September 1-2,... +more
01 Sep 2015 to 02 Sep 2015
National Applied Research Laboratories (Day 1) and Southern Taiwan Science Park (Day 2)
Mouse Embryo and Genomics Workshop Registration CLOSE
13 Nov 2014
University Malaya
Intra-venous route is often used for anesthesia of small and large animals as well as for inoculation of pharmaceutical products, extract of compound... +more
09 Nov 2014 to 10 Nov 2014
UKM Titiwangsa
  CRL offers a 1-day short course on the current trends and technological advances in the field of Laboratory Animal Science at AFLAS... +more
10 Nov 2014
Royal Chulan Hotel
  AAALAC International is sponsoring a Pre-Congress Workshop at AFLAS Congress 2014, "IACUC Training - International Standard Approaches."... +more
10 Nov 2014
Royal Chulan Hotel
Cancer is a genetically complex and biologically heterogeneous group of disorders. It has become increasingly clear that the laboratory mouse, the... +more
19 Oct 2013 to 26 Oct 2013
The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor ME, United State.
As more and more genetically modified animals (GMAs) are being produced and used as tools in advanced biomedical research field, it is necessary for... +more
12 Nov 2013
International Conference Hall, Floor 4, Building for Humanities and Social Sciences, Academia Sinica